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135i/335i Wavetrac Limited Slip Differential (LSD)

Tired of doing a 1 wheel burn out?
The stock rear differential in both the 135i and 335i is an open differential from the factory. This means you can only put power to the ground on 1 wheel. With an aftermarket rear differential like the Wavetrac, you can now put power down to both wheels! During a turn, the weight of the car is transfered to the wheels on the outside of the turn. With the weight transfered to the outside, the inside wheel will now have less traction. In an open differential, power is sent to the wheel that has the least amount of traction. This means that if you applied power in mid turn, power would be sent to the inside wheel and thus making it spin and lose traction. With the Wavetrac Limiited Slip Differential (LSD), power is sent equally to both drive wheels giv ing you the ability to apply power in mid turn. This equates to better traction and thus faster exit speeds out of the corner. As any racer will tell you, exit speed will make a big difference in your lap times. The Wavetrac LSD is what we use on our Time Attack 135i. Whether you track your car or not, upgrading to the Wavetrac LSD will completely change the dynamic of the car under power. You’ll be suprised how much more traction you have, even driving on the street!