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Diverter Valves

Forge Diverter Valves:

We are now stocking and selling the Forge Diverter Valve Upgrade Kit. They are available in machine allow (silver) or black. The standard option for our Diverter Valve Upgrade Pipe is designed for either the factory diverter valves or aftermarket “fa ctory style” diverter valve. Also available is the TIAL Blow Off Valve option which utilizes the TIAL Q Blow Off Valve (BOV). The TIAL Q BOV features a large 50mm (2″) valve to quickly discharged built up boost pressure. Since the TIAL Q BOV vents to the atmosphere which causes no restriction to venting boost, it reacts faster than recirculated diverter valves. The internal valve spring can be changed out to different spring rates which allow adjustability. This allows versatility as it allows you to increase the spring pressure in the future for when you run higher boost levels. Therefore, it eliminates the need to purchase another BOV or diverter valve if you increase boost levels. Essentially, this is the last blow off valve you will ever buy. The TIAL Q BOV is available in 6 different colors: black, polished silver, red, blue and purple. The black color option is standard. If you want any other color, please specify when ordering