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Oil Coolers

Oil cooler BMW 135i/335i

• COMPLETELY SOLVES THE DREADED LIMP MODE ISSUE found on the N54/N55 engines due to oil temperature!
• TWO large 9″x8″x2″ (11″x8″x2″ with end tanks) Oil Coolers. Factory stock single oil cooler 8.75″x4.75″x1″
•Over 700% larger (combined twin coolers) than the factory oil coolers!!!
• Twin coolers have a total of 288 cubic inches of core! Factory oil cooler has 41 cubic inches.
• Available with no finish (silver) or Type III Hard Black Anodizing (for stealth). Hard anodizing helps improve durability of
intercooler fins against damage from road debris (rocks).
• Enclosed box with venting louvers – protects oil coolers from road debris without sacrificing airflow!
• High Quality Goodrich AN Fittings in Black Anodize – NO China made fittings used here.
• High End Goodrich Nylon Braided Oil Lines – much better than Stainless Steel braided Oil Lines
• Optional Carbon Fiber or Aluminum Shrouding to direct airflow through the oil coolers for improved efficiency.
• Includes all hardware needed to install. No need to go hunting for hardware to finish the installation.
• Developed under the harsh racing conditions on our 135i Race Car.
• Limited Lifetime Warranty.